Episode 16 of Capturing the Abandoned with Martin Hogan

Lex and Vincent had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Hogan of Grand Rapids Michigan. Martin’s passion for the abandoned photography started way back when traveling the backroads of Michigan in his youth with his mother and while riding in the school bus to and from school. 

Martin currently shoots with a Canon 5D and uses a couple of prime lenses and is an avid and proficient user of Adobe Lightroom and photoshop. Martin has amassed an enormous collection of amazing images over the years over on Flickr - the link is down below to his site there. Martin’s handle on instagram is @niquitaspirit whose name comes from his first two dogs Niquita and Spirit.
We ask Martin our usual questions along with a few others.Do You have a few people to mention for a shout out? - @fistfulofpowder @samasyava @jill_koop @sierra_winds @history_rambler @kirkbride.girl @ruralrevivals @_bozlo_ @exploring_the_void @rcj82 @teleglamsam & @rnld.jansen
Martin’s Flickr Feed -…

Scenes From Out South

Out on a recent tour of the southeastern fringes of Prowers County in Colorado.
Here is a small collection of photos taken while out on a drive-about in Prowers county, Colorado.

Episode 15 of Capturing the Abandoned with Vincent St. Xavier

In this episode of Capturing the Abandoned, we have the honor to chat with Vincent St. Xavier, a medical courier out of Castle Rock, Colorado. With his job he has ample opportunities to travel the backroads over a large area of Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas. On his travels he discovers and documents an amazing amount of abandoned locations and shares them on instagram and Facebook. Vincent taps into his past experience in digital advertising, marketing, public relations, along with print and web publishing, and graphic design to bring out the best in his photographic portfolio. Vincent is Married with 3 children and is currently an empty nester. He very much enjoys the abandoned and is an awesome supporter and contributor to the bando community.   In this episode, we have the extreme pleasure to interview Vincent St. Xavier who is vincentthome on instagram.  We ask Vincent our usual questions along with a few others. Do You have a few people (Instagram photographers, art i…

Colorado Abandoned Newsletter V17 Now Out-In-The-Wild

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Colorado Abandoned Newsletter V17

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