We would like to Thank Jonathan McMichael from KOAA TV in Colorado Springs for coming down to Otero County and doing an interview with us back on the 17th of November. 

Check Out the Story HERE

We had a Great (cold) time and really enjoyed Jon's interview and media capturing abilities. We believe he spent more time shooting than we did. 

Thanks a TON Jonathan!!

Interview with the Gazette

Back in late September, after many schedule changes and appointment conflicts were worked out,  Lex and Vincent were finally able to meet up with Seth Boster, feature writer, of the Colorado Springs Gazette and do an interview.  Seth insisted that he come down and hang out with us while we were doing a shoot for Colorado Abandoned. He brought along staff photographer, Kelsey Brunner, a young and talented intern, to take pictures of us taking pictures (all kind of meta) to help capture the interview. 

Anyway, click HERE to see the whole story!

A Big Thanks goes out to Seth and Kelsey for putting up with us!

Interview with Priscilla Waggoner

We had the distinct pleasure of doing an interview with the amazing an talented Priscilla Waggoner which is now published in this edition of the “High Plains Guide to Festivals, Fairs and Rodeos 2018” by the Kiowa County Independent out of Eads, CO.

Click Here to Check it Out 

Thank You So Much Priscilla!!

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