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EP-17 Capturing the Abandoned Miss Vivian MacKenzie

What a Treat! In this episode of Capturing the Abandoned, Lex and Vincent had the honor and pleasure to interview Miss Vivian MacKenzie from Russell, Manitoba Canada. @vivian_lee_mackenzie Vivian grew up on the Manitoba Prairies where she has always had an appreciation for the backroads and open fields because that is where you could find her playing. She finds repurposing old things always comes  naturally to her, whether it was something found or something she bought at a thrift store. As stated in her bio, Vivian’s photography is as much about her as an artist, mother, friend and human being as it is about her telling a story about the forgotten, lost, and abandoned. She continues to find herself over and over, as she travels the backroads, never knowing what she will find, but always knowing there is a story to tell. We ask Miss Vivian our usual questions along with a few others. Do You have a few people to mention for a shout out? - Jeff Varnaus @jeff_varnaus, Steve @calmamidchaos