Episode 14 of Capturing the Abandoned with Ruin Road

In this episode, we have the extreme pleasure to interview James Peterman and Kyle Brook of Ruin Road fame on instagram. In this episode, we are honored to have with us Kyle Brooky and Jimmy Peterman, and together they are Ruin Road.

This duo, each specialises in his own talents, Kyle mostly doing the pictures and works on book publishing, while James is the guy behind the video and their extensive YouTube video portfolio. Together, They have produced 5 books thus far, with the latest one titled, Abandoned Flint, which will be released soon. As with all our guests, Lex and I very much enjoyed our time with these guys and we hope that you will enjoy them as well.
We ask these guys our usual questions along with a few others.
Do You have a few people (Instagram photographers, art influences, etc.) to mention for a shout out? Emily Anderson - @dilapidatedstateofmind, Christian VanAntwerpen - @christianv1978 & Derek Farnquist - @derek.farnquist.tsg
Enjoy the Music of Lex Nichols - https://lexnichols.com/home
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Abandoned Detroit
Abandoned Michigan: Doorways to Decay
Abandoned Michigan
Abandoned Cleveland: Ruins of the Rust Belt
Abandoned Flint
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